Convent of La Merced


The residence of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus stayed in this monastery while he waited to be received by the Catholic Monarchs. Its Baroque main altarpiece was destroyed by fire.

It was founded in the 13th century and reformed in the 18th century. The main façade is in the Baroque style typical of Cordoba. It has two courtyards, one Baroque courtyard on the exterior and another Renaissance courtyard inside. The church was partially destroyed during the fire and was faithfully restored. Its most important works include several paintings by Cobo de Guzmán and a Christ dating from the 14th century. A Visigoth baptismal font was discovered from an earlier church which formerly stood on the site. Today it houses the offices of the Regional Government.

Convent of La Merced

Plaza de Colón, 15

14001  Córdoba, Cordoba  (Andalusia)

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