Cordoba Grand Theatre


Córdoba's Grand Theatre designed by the architect Amadeo Rodríguez, was officially opened on the 13th of April 1873 with the zarzuela (Spanish operetta) Marta, performed by the Marimón Company. Until it was closed in 1970 it underwent a series of changes which did not affect the theatre's general layout. The owners of the building requested that the building be knocked down, and Cordoba Council duly took control of the situation in 1982, who having declared the building of historic-artistic interest, began the current redesigning project under the guidance of the architect José A. Gómez Luengo. Theatre, dance, classical music and opera performances.

Cordoba Grand Theatre

Avenida de Gran Capitán, 3

14008  Córdoba, Cordoba  (Andalusia) Tel.:+34 689 27 44 25 Tel.:+34 902360295 Website:
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