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Castro de Coaña (Navia Historical Park)



The iron-age settlements of the northwest peninsula

The "castros" were a distinctive type of iron-age settlement in the area of Asturias, León and Galicia.

Excavations of this pre-Roman site have uncovered the layout of the villages in the north-west zone of the Iberian peninsula. The archaeological site can be divided into two sectors: on the one hand, the acropolis, which was a large oval area with a sturdy wall located on a hill which served as a fortification; and on the other hand, the northern area where more than 80 small circular constructions are conserved. Between them runs a network of streets and squares.

Castro de Coaña (Navia Historical Park)

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33795  Villacondide, Coaña, Asturias  (Principality of Asturias)

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