Church of Santo Estevo de Atán



Built in the Lower Middle Ages and in the early Modern Age, elements from previous constructions were used, possibly Romanesque (12th-13th centuries).

Because there is latticework and a small window with a double horseshoe arch, tradition has it that this was the church of an old pre-Romanesque monastery, but the pieces were actually built later on. The current church is Gothic-Renaissance, although the doorways, made of pointed archivolts, lead us to think that it is an earlier transitional Romanesque church. It is a small rural church, with a single nave, covered with a gabled roof and semicircular apse with a barrel vault. The vestry was built later on (19th century). The place where the bell tower starts to rise above the façade, next to one of the nave's walls, is the oldest part of the building (12th-13th centuries). The altarpiece is Baroque, dating from the 18th century.

Church of Santo Estevo de Atán


27438  Atán, Pantón, Lugo  (Galicia)

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