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Church of Santiago Apóstol in (Medina del Rioseco)


The church took 150 years to build. Gil de Hontañón began the work, and was responsible for the Gothic style north doorway. As it was built over such a long period of time, a number of architectural styles can be observed. The south façade is Plateresque, the work of Miguel de Espinosa, and the main façade is in the classical style (Alonso de Tolosa). Other architects such as Juan de la Hermosa and Felipe de Berrojo were also involved in its construction. The building can be considered to be Gothic. It has three naves, with high arched ceilings supported by 20 columns. Two of these enclose the choir. This is where Gregorio González’s organ is to be found. There is a beautiful sacristy cabinet, and two alabaster bas refliefs. The main altarpiece by Diego de Suhano, Francisco Pérez and Tomás de Sierra stands out. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1964.

Church of Santiago Apóstol in (Medina del Rioseco)

Corro de Santiago, s/n.

47800  Medina de Rioseco, Valladolid  (Castilla y Leon) Tel.:+34 983725026 Tel.:+34 983720319
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