César Manrique Foundation, Teguise

César Manrique Museum-Foundation


The César Manrique Foundation is located in the artist’s house-studio. The foundation does important work in the field of plastic arts, the environment and culture. Its most important objectives include the conservation, research and promotion of the work of Manrique, as well as the promotion of environmentally-friendly artistic activity.

The house is built on an outcrop of lava, on top of five large, natural volcanic bubbles. The upper floor is inspired by the traditional architecture of Lanzarote, and incorporates modern, functional elements such as French windows. Furthermore, in the central volcanic bubble there is a large relaxation area with a swimming pool, dining room, oven, barbeque... It also has abundant vegetation. The last area, on the way out, is the painter's old studio.

César Manrique Museum-Foundation

Jorge Luis Borges, 16

35507  Tahíche, Teguise, Lanzarote  (Canary Islands)