Santimamiñe Cave



Prehistoric rock art and an archaeological site

Designated World Heritage in 2008

The cave is located within the Urdaibai Estuary, a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. The cave paintings here date from the Magdalenian period of the Late Palaeolithic era (13,000 BC). They include a range of animals such as bison, horses, deer, goats and brown bears. The cave also has many stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites. It is currently closed to the public, but you can see the wonders of its interior with the 3D virtual tours available at the Visitor Centre. Access is possible to the archaeological site located at the entrance to the cave.

Santimamiñe Cave

Barrio Basondo (Centro de Interpretación)

48315  Kortezubi, Bizkaia  (Basque Country)