El Pendo Cave



A cave of monumental proportions

Designated World Heritage in 2008

It is situated in the heart of the Camargo Valley and measures up to 40 metres in width and 22 metres in height. Special mention should be made of its entrance, which contained up to 600 square metres dedicated to human settlement. It contains a major ensemble of ornamental items associated with early occupation by Homo sapiens. Furthermore, its "Frieze of Paintings" is outstanding. It is a panel measuring 25 metres in length visible from any point in the main hall, containing some twenty figures painted in red. It shows 12 deer, a goat, a horse and various other symbols, all drawn using the contour technique. It dates from around 20,000 BC.

El Pendo Cave

39609  Escobedo, Camargo, Cantabria  (Cantabria)