Baeza Cathedral


The church of San Isidoro

It is built on a Roman temple which later became a mosque, and in the reign of Ferdinand III it converted to Christianity under the advocacy of San Isidoro.

The church has undergone numerous transformations and features elements from various different periods, although its dominant character today is Renaissance. The two first parts of the sanctuary have Gothic pillars and cross vaults. It has two doors on the outside: the Perdón door, in the Gothic style, and the Luna door, with a Moorish influence. Notable features include the Renaissance grille in the Sagrario chapel, and the grilles in the old choir stalls and in the sacristy, this last in the Gothic style. The cloister is also Gothic in style, and it has three Mudejar chapels and one Gothic chapel. The golden chapel, which is Renaissance and with a marked Italian influence, is the most important in the cathedral.

Baeza Cathedral

Plaza de Santa María, s/n.

23440  Baeza, Jaén  (Andalusia)

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