Castle, walls and palace of Doña Urraca

Salvaterra de Miño


Since time immemorial, the town of Salvaterra de Miño has carried out an important military function because of its strategic location next to the Miño River.

There is hardly anything left of the original 12th century walls that used to protect the castle. The fortress, however, built in the 17th century, still stands, and was refurbished in 2008. As well as many sentry boxes on the walls, other buildings were built such as the Baroque chapel (17th century) of La Virgen da Oliveira and the Casa del Conde house (17th century), with the Doña Urraca caves and double room with a spiral staircase can be found. Inside the fortress, as well as remains of streets, houses and gravestones, we can find the palace or manor house of Doña Urraca, named after the room of Queen Urraca I (1109-1126) during a war with the Countess Teresa of Portugal.  

Castle, walls and palace of Doña Urraca

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