Carthusian monastery of Valldemosa


Chopin residence

It was a palace, built in 1309. In 1399 its ownership was transferred to Carthusian monks, and in 1835 it became private property after the ecclesiastical confiscations of Mendizábal. The site can be visited, and includes a cloister, one of the oldest parts of the present buildings; the former monastery pharmacy; a garden; and the rooms of the Priory (chapel, library, audience chamber, dormitory, etc.), which hold the historical and artistic legacy of the Carthusians. There is also a large collection of personal objects, manuscripts, and musical scores which belonged to the composer Frédéric Chopin and the writer George Sand. Chopin composed Prelude Op. 28 and Sand wrote A Winter in Majorca here. The tour also includes a section devoted to the antique Guasp printing press, the collection of Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria, and a collection of paintings of the Sierra de Tramuntana and of contemporary art, with some pictures by Miró.

Carthusian monastery of Valldemosa

Plaza de la Cartuja, s/n.

07170  Valldemossa, Valldemosa, Majorca  (Balearic Islands)


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