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Alma Mater Museum


The museum offers a double route to discover the history of the Church in Zaragoza and the most important historical places in the history of Aragón, supported by a series of innovative video-mapping projections (images that create movement or 3D effects) on the building.

Together with a set of images of the Virgin of El Pilar, on the first floor of the museum you can find the establishment of the Christian communities in Aragón. On the second floor there are spaces from the Mudejar palace of the Aragón monarchs in the 14th century, which shows the splendour of liturgy revolving around the idea of Christ as the Saviour. As well as the coronation room (which holds a collection of Gothic paintings), this floor also displays the evolution of religiousness in medieval times, the Renaissance and the Baroque period, with important works of art from the diocesan artistic heritage. On the third floor you can find the Renaissance palace build by Don Hernando de Aragón, Ferdinand the Catholic's grandson. You can visit the Bishops' Room, and the Throne Room in which there is a gallery of bishops' portraits by famous artists such as Goya. The museum also offers guided themed tours, children's workshops and various activities.  

Alma Mater Museum

Plaza de la Seo, 5

50001  Zaragoza  (Aragón) Tel.:+34 976399488 Website:
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