Prado del Navazo Shelter


Prehistoric traces.

It is part of the Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Prado del Navazo Shelter, also known as "Toricos de Navazo", is a 4 m2 surface that has engravings and large white animal figures. There are many pictures of isolated bulls and archer figures were added later on. It is a post-Palaeolithic shelter, dating from the Neolithic period (7,000 - 5,000 B.C.). They belong to the exceptional group of the Albarracín rock paintings, which stands out because it is the only place with rock art where the figures are white, which contrasts with the reddish tones of the rocky walls.

Prado del Navazo Shelter

Carretera dirección a Bezas a 4 kms. de Albarracín

44100  Albarracín, Teruel  (Aragón)