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Navarre Wine Route



Come to the central part of Navarre and travel the wine route. Here, in addition to trying exquisite wines, you will explore a land packed with history, on St James' Way. Visit its villages, surrounded with a landscape dominated by vineyards, which are clear testimony to the importance that wine has had in this region since Roman times.

Local Action Group for the Navarre Central Area

Rua Romana 5

31390 -, Navarre (Autonomous Community of Navarre)

+34 948740739


Wine towns

Navegate on the map to see the most essential places on the route.

What are the wines like?

In general, wines from Navarre are aromatic, with fruity flavours and a good balance between the alcohol content and acidity and smoothness on the palate. The white wines have yellow tones, fine bouquets and fresh flavours. For their part, the rosé wines have a well-deserved fame thanks to their distinctive personality: they are dry, fresh and delicate. The red wines produced in this Designation of Origin are equally exquisite. The region’s most prevalent grape is the Garnacha variety.

What I can find

The cuisine is delicious, as you will be able to experience in any of its restaurants. UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the historic quarters of Olite and Tafalla remind you of the importance of this area over the history of St James' Way.There are excursions on paths that pass between the vines, either on foot, horseback or bicycle.For more information enquire at any of the tourist offices.


How to get here

This route runs through the centre of the Navarre region in northern Spain. There are many forms of transport you can use to travel to this region. Pamplona-Noain Airport lies less than 30 kilometres from the region. Furthermore, there are several trains that run every day to and from Tafalla and Olite, the main cities on the route, connecting with Vitoria, Pamplona and Zaragoza. It is also easy to get here by car: the A-15 motorway (Leitzaran motorway) connects this area with Pamplona and San Sebastián; the AP-68 motorway, which runs to Logroño and Zaragoza, and the A-12 motorway also leads to Logroño. Olite, Puente La Reina, Obanos and Tafalla are some of the 25 towns and villages that make up the Navarre Wine Route. This is a land of vineyards, with modern windmills set atop the hills to form a truly unique landscape. The wineries here will show you just what wine culture means in this region. Some are traditional sites, hundreds of years old, while others are more modern and innovative. Use the map on this page to see all the destinations that form part of this Wine Route.