Snow on the Sierra de Baza

Sierra de Baza Nature Reserve


Sierra de Baza

This sierra is a rocky massif in which you can find plains, deep valleys and escarpments. Its botanical worth is considerable, as is its richness of flora and fauna.

Granada's Sierra de Baza is surrounded by the wide valleys of Guadix and Baza, less for the south-east part that extends along Sierra de Filabres. The flora of this protected space contains redoubts of the indigenous Mediterranean forest, as well as of deciduous species. This sierra is noteworthy in terms of the indigenous Mediterranean pine groves it houses. With respect to the fauna, we should mention the existence of the badger, wild cat or genet, amongst others. In this sierra you can also see golden eagles and Egyptian vultures fly.

Sierra de Baza Nature Reserve

Baza, Granada  (Andalusia)

Type of area:Natural Park Area:53,649 hectares Tel.:+34 958 145 200 Tel.:+34 958 024 382 Website:Sierra de Baza Nature Reserve

Granada (Andalusia):

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  • Cultural information

    The area stands out due to its archaeological importance. Thus, in the caves of mount Jabalcón you can admire cave paintings.

  • Environmental information

    Sierra de Baza is made up of a rocky massif. It is characterized by its plains, deep valleys and escarpments.

  • Information for visits

    Park's Visitor Centre. Address: c/ Sierra España, 1. Baza, Granada. Narváez Visitor Centre. Monte Narváez. Address: Exit motorway A-92, km 324. 18800, Baza.