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Montserrat Mountain Nature Reserve


The mountain and the Sanctuary

In Montserrat Mountain Nature Reserve its natural and environmental assets, making it an emblematic enclave of Catalan culture, are well worth a mention.

Montserrat Mountain stands out on the horizon a long time before you arrive at its base. It is an immense rocky mass, crowned by sharp peaks and crests of rocks. In itself it represents a unique feature in the landscape, and in its setting, no other orographic phenomenon can detract from it. It terms of landscape it is exceptionally stunning, geologically unique, and has a notable wealth of fauna. However, it also boasts the presence of the Monastery which, without doubt, is one of the most well-known if not the most well known in the whole of Catalonia. Here, history, art and culture come together as in few other places.

Montserrat Mountain Nature Reserve

Monasterio de Montserrat (Barcelona)

08199  Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona  (Catalonia)

Type of area:Natural Park Area:3,630 hectares Tel.:+34 938 284 007 Tel.:+34 938 777 777 Website:Montserrat Mountain Nature Reserve Website:Montserrat Mountain Nature Reserve

Barcelona (Catalonia):

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What you need to know

  • Cultural information

    Near the Reserve there are many towns with elements of artistic and cultural interest. Nonetheless, the most outstanding building is unmistakable Sant María Monastery, a majestic construction containing architectonic items from the 11th to the 19th centuries, via its successive reconstructions and alterations. Moreover, the Monastery and the image of 'la Moreneta' inside, are a true symbol of Catalonia.

  • Environmental information

    It lies a short distance from the city of Barcelona, near the confluence of the rivers Llobregat y Noya. Montserrat Mountain stands out as a clearly distinct geographical, individualized and homogenous unit. Its geographical elements give it its unique appearance of a very rugged rocky massif, in which erosion has created numerous projections, cliffs and crests. Vegetation is sparse, but in the lower area the aleppo pine abounds. It fauna mainly consists of the wild cat and wild boar, in the holm oak forests, and birds of prey, such as the sparrowhawk, Bonelli's eagle or the peregrine falcon which are located in less accessible areas.

  • Information for visits

    The visit can be organised through the respective government bodies. Montserrat Tourist Office. Address: Pl. de la Creu, s/n. Monestir de Montserrat. Nature Park's address: Pl. de l'Abat Olib. Monestir de Monserrat.