Anaga Massif in Lanzarote

Macizo de Anaga Biosphere Reserve


A nature area full of spectacular contrasts

Macizo de Anaga is a Protected Nature Area that was awarded the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation in 2015.

Anaga is situated in the northeast of the island and is a rough mountain range with valleys and ravines that go down to the sea. It covers 8% of the island and is characterised by being a vast area a full of flora and fauna. The area is part of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and there are three especially valuable places: the Integral Nature Reserves of Ijuana, El Pijaral and Los Roques de Anaga.

Macizo de Anaga Biosphere Reserve

Centro de visitantes Cruz del Carmen

Ctra. Las Mercedes, Km 6.

38294  Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife  (Canary Islands)

Type of area:Biosphere Reserve Area:15.49 hectares (Centro de visitantes Cruz del Carmen) Tel.:+34 922 633 576 Website:Macizo de Anaga Biosphere Reserve
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  • Cultural information

    The houses of the residents of Anaga are surrounded by vegetable gardens and they adapt to the uneven terrain, creating terraces to grow crops. The area's gastronomy is based on goat and rabbit meat, and fresh fish. The main traditional crafts in the area are basketwork, wooden miniatures and carving of tuff, a volcanic stone.

  • Environmental information

    Macizo de Anaga stands out because of its unique landscape, dense vegetation, and numerous ravines and valleys. There is also a network of paths that allows visitors to discover most of the nature areas on foot. Between the ravines there are small coves and dark-sand beaches, and the coast is good for scuba diving.

  • Information for visits

    It is easy to get to the island of Tenerife by plane or boat via its capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In Macizo de Anaga there is a hostel on Chamorga road.

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