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Take a guess. What part of Spain are we talking about? #SpainQuiz


If we show you a picture of a building, a fiesta, or a traditional dish, can you guess which part of Spain it comes from? Have a go. Remember that you can share your results on social networks or see how much other people know with the hashtag #SpainQuiz

10It may seem impossible, but here you can see a human tower as high as a church steeple. These are the famous Castells of…
Traditional Castell

Well done! That's the right answer! This is a unique Catalan tradition practised during fiestas, and if you ever see it in real life you won’t believe your eyes. The human towers are formed by adults and children, usually in six to ten tiers!!

10I hope you aren’t reading this between meals, because it’s going to make you hungry. This recipe is typical of a region of Spain. But which one?
Papas arrugadas with mojo verde © Promotur. Turismo de Canarias

Well done! That's the right answer! Of course, it’s the Canary Islands!! Papas arrugadas, or wrinkly potatoes, are said to get their special texture from the volcanic earth they are grown in. The Canary Islands produce a lot of top quality foods, such as their famous bananas, and cheeses made the old-fashioned way. You’re sure to eat well there!

10“Look out, that statue’s on fire!” You don’t need to panic if you see one of these figures go up in smoke during your visit to Spain. It’s a traditional scene in…
The fiestas of Las Fallas

Well done! That's the right answer! Valencia is famous for its fiestas, Las Fallas, with bonfires where they burn monumental cardboard statues, as seen in the photo, on 19 March.But there are plenty of other fiestas associated with fire. One of the best known is in Alicante, where they light bonfires for San Juan (St John) to celebrate the summer solstice. Do you think George RR Martin might have been inspired by this Spanish region when he created the “Mother of Dragons” in Game of Thrones?

10In two very famous buildings in Salamanca, you can find…
University of Salamanca © Turismo de Salamanca

Well done! That's the right answer! You can find the frog among the decorative elements on the beautiful façade of the University, sitting on a skull. Be warned: it isn’t easy to spot, and the legend says the students must be able to find it if they want to pass their exams. If you want a souvenir of the city, a little frog would be very appropriate. What about the astronaut? He exists too, carved into… one of the entrances to a centuries-old Cathedral! Before you start looking for conspiracy theories, we should mention he was added in a recent restoration… Or was he?

10The writer Ernest Hemingway had a great time at a Spanish fiesta where bulls are the centre of attention, and he even wrote a book about it. What fiesta are we talking about?
Easter week in Cuenca
Carnival at Verín
Café Iruña, in Pamplona © Photos courtesy of Turismo de Navarra

Well done! That's the right answer! The American writer and journalist took part in the Fiestas of San Fermín in Pamplona up to nine times. They must have made a big impression, because they were the setting for his novel “The Sun Also Rises”. Hence the statue, in Pamplona’s legendary Café Iruña, with the traditional red scarf to mark the fiestas - their most important day is 7 July, and their bull-running is more popular than ever.

10Which Spanish city is shown in this photo?
Waiter at the Chocolatería San Ginés © Image courtesy of Madrid Destino Cultura Turismo y Negocia, S.A.

Well done! That's the right answer! Madrid is a fast-moving and fashionable city, but it also has some deep-rooted traditions that remind us of its long history. What’s really interesting is seeing both sides of the Spanish capital. For example, you can enjoy the traditional side when you have chocolate with churros in the famous San Ginés chocolate shop, shown in the photo. And there are other ways, such as a battered squid sandwich by the Plaza Mayor, or a visit to Botín, thought to be one of the world’s oldest restaurants. Welcome to Madrid!

10Windmills are a famous feature of the landscape in a certain area of Spain. Do you want a hint? This region is mentioned at the start of Cervantes’ most famous novel, which begins, “In a village of …”
Windmills in Consuegra (Toledo)

Well done! That's the right answer! “In a village of La Mancha, whose name I would rather not recall…” reads the first line of the novel Don Quixote by Cervantes. You can see these windmills in several places in the region, such as Consuegra, or Alcázar de San Juan… Don Quixote thought they were giants. Do you think you would make the same mistake?

10The Basque Country is renowned for its fine food, its quality wines, and for daring buildings like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Which of the following pictures would you associate with this part of Spain?
Pintxos in a bar in Vitoria © Daniel Llano. Vitoria-Gasteiz Town Hall
Ensaimada pastry

Well done! That's the right answer! It would be unthinkable to go to the Basque Country and not try the pintxos (tapas). You’ll find them on the counter in the bars, and we recommend trying as many as possible of these delicious bite-sized dishes, made with local ingredients and usually pinned to a slice of bread with a toothpick.

10Look around and all you can see are whitewashed houses… Where are you?
View of Grazalema.

Well done! That's the right answer! If you want to visit the famous White Towns of Cádiz province, in Andalusia, you have plenty to choose from. There are 19 of them, all of them delightful, with whitewashed squares, streets and mansions, set in mountainous landscapes. Pretty much heaven on earth.

10We conclude with the food everyone loves, the king of Spanish cuisine, that some of us would sell a little of our souls for… jamón ibérico - ham!! But… where in Spain can you find it?
Parador hotel in Ronda © Archivo Paradores de Turismo

Well done! That's the right answer! All the areas we named are famous for the quality of their ham. When you taste it, it seems to melt in your mouth, and all you want is another slice. We recommend going to any of these areas to try their fine restaurants, take part in ham tastings, or even visit the plains and meadows where the famous Iberian pigs graze.

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