La Graciosa island seen from Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Three romantic getaways in Spain: safe, convenient... and unforgettable


Summer is coming and we all want to go on holiday. Find your dream trip with your partner in Spain. You'll find endless destinations where you'll fall in love with your travel companion all over again. From a volcanic island to an almost deserted beach with charming villages all around, or a special spot on the coast. Three romantic getaways which will add a little sea salt to your love story.

Lanzarote, the Canary Islands

Lanzarote is one of the eight Canary Islands, and was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993. It’s a great place to walk among volcanoes - there are said to be more than a hundred of them. When you explore the island, you'll find tucked away places where you can be completely alone with your partner. Unwind and forget about everyday routine as you immerse yourself in peace and tranquillity. But as well as wonderful landscapes, the island has lots more to offer to make sure that you’ll never be bored. To see this incredible volcanic paradise, head for Timanfaya National Park, where the rock contrasts sharply with the colour of the sea. On the Volcanes Route in Lanzarote you can visit Caldera Blanca, the Volcán del Cuervo or the Volcán de la Corona. At La Geria you can see how the islanders harness their volcanic heritage. In this protected landscape, grapevines are cultivated in an unusual way: in conical depressions. The result is a sweet white wine, so you can drink to the flame of love never going out. The island’s beaches are your next taste of paradise. To name a few, Famara beach is perfect for surfing and a stroll along the shore, then there’s Papagayo beach with its turquoise waters, and the Teguise coast. The setting is otherworldly, rather like something from Mars or the moon, and will be one of the standout features of your getaway that you’ll want to see again. 

Quiet beach near Papagayo beach, Lanzarote

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, The Basque Country

This tiny islet hidden just off the north coast of Spain was one of the locations used for filming Game of Thrones, and it has an air of romance. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is in the province of Vizcaya-Bizkaia, between Bermeo and Bakio. Taking the islet as your starting point, you can visit the surrounding area: coastal villages, steep cliffs and the city of Bilbao. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is dominated by a landscape of rock, and the Cantabrian Sea. To get to the hermitage you’ll need to climb up the 241 dizzyingly steep stone steps that rise out of the rock, but once you reach the top the views are simply stunning. The place is steeped in myth and legend, adding a touch of mystery to your getaway. Bilbao is to the west, but if you continue along the coast towards the east, you’ll discover some really pretty places. Starting with Urdaibai, a Biosphere Reserve formed by the estuary of the river Oka, which will fill your heart with life. The old quarter of Lekeitio will surprise you, as will its beaches and the Santa Catalina lighthouse. But if all you want is sea and sand, Laga, Mundaca, and Karraspio beaches are all perfect for a day’s surfing. 

Medieval bridge and stairs in San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Basque Country

Punta Paloma, Cádiz

In Estrecho Natural Park, Punta Paloma beach is one of the most beautiful in Tarifa. This is a big wide beach, so your feet can enjoy a massage as you walk along the fine white sands to the water’s edge, where you’ll find a sea so intensely blue that it’ll take your breath away.The huge dunes provide plenty of opportunities for having some fun, so there's no getting bored; you could fly a kite, maybe play some beach tennis or simply race each other over the sands. If you climb up to the top of the highest dunes, you’ll be able to make out the tip of North Africa. This is a beach where there are a thousand things to do, a place for enjoying the sun and the sea in the very best of company.

View of Valdevaqueros dune in Estrecho Natural Park, Tarifa, Cadiz, Andalusia
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