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Spain is a diverse country: keys to LGBTIQ tourism


A country that fully embraces diversity, where everyone’s welcome, and where you’ll always feel the warmth of the local people regardless of who you are. This is something that together with legislation on equal rights, a society that both values and fosters diversity, and specific events aimed at the LGBTIQ community, makes Spain a perfect destination, one of the most highly valued in the world. Discover the keys to enjoying your stay to the maximum.

Choose your destination well

You can definitely enjoy a perfect holiday anywhere in Spain, but there are some destinations that are especially LGBTIQ friendly. And there’s a wide choice, everything from quieter places like Sitges, Gran Canaria or Benidorm to others that are faster-paced and more cosmopolitan, such as the country’s two largest cities, Madrid and Barcelona.

Check the calendar

As well as Pride, there are lots of festivities with an LGBTIQ-friendly vibe, so checking out the calendar will help to make your trip to Spain an even more unforgettable experience. There are all sorts of things to add to your list, music and film festivals, sporting events, and popular festivals such as Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Girl dancing at the carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Las Palmas, Canary Islands

Discover the LGBTIQ spots nearby

In some places in Spain you can find a great range of places dedicated to the LGBTIQ community - bars, restaurants, clubs and even hotels that are on the long list of spaces dedicated to LGBTIQ tourism, which means there are lots of places where you’ll feel as if you’re at home. As you can see, Spain is a country that both values and protects diversity. With all kinds of options for everyone, we're one of the most LGBTIQ-friendly countries in the world, and here you can enjoy your perfect holiday. 

Detail of the entrance to Chueca metro station in Madrid, Region of Madrid
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