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An unforgettable weekend: a romantic adventure in inland Spain


You can have an unforgettable holiday with your partner in Spain even if you stay well away from the most famous cities. Some of the best destinations in Spain for couples are inland. Wonderful natural surroundings always make a good setting for romance.

A romantic evening:

Natural hot springs for bathing by starlight, in Arnedillo, La Rioja. A romantic adventure in La Rioja could mean taking a dip at night in the natural hot water pools in the village of Arnedillo. Enjoy these mini lagoons under the moonlight with a delicious glass of local Rioja red, white or rosé wine. A perfect idyll just for the two of you.

Sunset in Arnedillo

A stroll for two:

Wandering the amazing medieval walls of Albarracín, Teruel. Albarracín will surprise you. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, and full of medieval history, Albarracín sits on a rocky crag surrounded by impressive ravines carved out by the river Guadalaviar. A stroll around the streets of russet houses is a pleasant way to spend time together.

The walls of Albarracín, Teruel

A lovely evening:

A candlelit dinner in Pedraza, Segovia. You'll enjoy the mediaeval town setting. The village of Pedraza is well-known for its culinary delights. Mouth-watering smells waft out of its restaurants. These wonderful aromas come from the local speciality, roast suckling pig. Why not take a stroll and visit the 13th century castle? Wandering these winding stone streets makes for a perfect getaway.There are so many places in inland Spain where you can enjoy quality time and breathtaking views with your favourite person by your side.

Couple dining by candlelight
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