Candle-lit nights, Plaza de Vejer de la Frontera

Nights of candles, flowers and concerts in Spain


The magic of unique settings under the stars

Night falls, the street lights go out and thousands of candles begin to light up the streets, balconies and courtyards of a town. In the background, the sound of music. Someone walks along bewitched by the light of the flame that lights up their pupils. The atmosphere created is magical. It's not a mirage. There are a number of places in Spain where you can enjoy an experience like this. Here are a few examples:

Concerts by candlelight in Pedraza

This town in Segovia becomes especially beautiful at a certain time of year. On the first and second Saturday of July, a spectacle takes place where the whole town is lit only by the light of thousands of candles. Just when it seems the experience couldn’t get any better, it does, with a classical music concert in such a stunning setting as the Plaza Mayor square or the Ignacio Zuloaga Castle Museum.

Candlelit night in Vejer de la Frontera

The setting: one of the famous white villages of Cadiz, Vejer de la Frontera. The date: early June. The whitewashed walls of the houses by day give way to a night lit by thousands of candles placed in the old town which are left to burn into the early hours of the morning. The best thing to do is take a quiet stroll along the recommended route and enjoy the concert that takes place in the Plaza de España, usually dedicated to a particular theme, such as music from films. 

Square lit by candlelight, Vejer de la Frontera

Candlelit night in Rodalquilar

Normally held mid to late August in this town in Almeria, in the heart of Cabo de Gata Natural Park, this is one of the most special nights in the town. Stars twinkle in the sky above. On the ground, candles flicker. Shops and businesses stay open and the evening is completed with theatre shows, flamenco and contemporary dance, jazz in a botanical garden, people juggling fire...

Brihuega Lavender Festival

A few kilometres from Madrid, in the Guadalajara region, lies a little known secret in the form of vast fields of purple lavender. In July each year, millions of flowers are collected, and to celebrate this event, a festival is held at which participants dress in white and watch the sun set in the middle of the fields of flowers, while invited musicians give concerts. At nightfall, the time comes for a picnic buffet dinner beneath the stars.

Brihuega Lavender Field

Music Festival in Segura

The final proposal takes us to a place which the locals call the quietest town in the world: Segura de la Sierra, in Jaén. When visitors walk along its narrow whitewashed streets to the Moorish castle, or look out over the vast forests that surround the town, they have a sense of being in a privileged place in the world. It is situated in the heart of Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park, at an altitude of 1,200 metres. For five days in May, a selection of Spanish and foreign artists perform concerts day and night in places such as the Church of Los Jesuitas, the Arab Baths and the Jorge Manrique Viewing point.

Segura de la Sierra music festival