Tourist in the Gredas of Bolnuevo in Murcia

Mushroom rocks in the enchanted city of Bolnuevo

Region of Murcia

The Costa Cálida, about an hour's drive from the city of Murcia. Bolnuevo is a small fishing village with deep-rooted seafaring traditions. It is also home to a natural treasure: the Ciudad Encantada, or enchanted city. This is another name by which the eroded features, or Gredas, of Bolnuevo are known. It is a landscape that might seem to be a work of magic but is actually due to the whims of mother nature.

What are the Gredas of Bolnuevo?

The name comes from the clay-like material from which they are formed, which is a kind of sandy clay traditionally used in crafts such as pottery. The compact sand grains in this material have resulted in formations that have been sculpted by the wind, sand and sea over thousands of years. This has been even more pronounced as these features are located in the coast area and are very exposed to the strong forces of the wind and waves. The Gredas of Bolnuevo are the perfect backdrop for the beautiful setting of the Bolnuevo beach.Millions of years ago, the Gredas were under the sea. With the passing of the centuries, the sea level has fallen, leaving them exposed and unprotected from the wind and other natural phenomena that have shaped them. As a result, the mushroom-shaped rocks of this enchanted city will always be changing.

The Gredas of Bolnuevo in Murcia

A natural monument on Bolnuevo beach and other areas of interest for tourists

The enchanted city of Bolnuevo is one of the most beautiful places in Murcia, to such an extent that its mushroom-shaped rocks are considered a natural monument for the Region of Murcia. They are easy to get to. You can take a pleasant stroll to the Gredas when you are staying in Bolnuevo, or you can see them when you visit the beach. This is an extensive area of sand where you can spend a complete beach day, have an aperitif in its beach bars and enjoy the promenade. Amenities such as parking, a bus stop and a children's area are available at the beach.

The Gredas of Bolnuevo in Murcia

And the journey does not end there

Your trip does not have to end there. After visiting the fishing village, its beach and the Gredas, you can follow trails in the area where you will discover the charms of Bolnuevo's coves, which extend along nine kilometres of coastline. And the icing on the cake, Bolnuevo is at the foot of the Sierra de las Moreras mountain range, a protected natural space that is well worth a visit.

The Sierra de las Moreras mountain range in Mazarrón, Murcia