Boats on the lake inside the Drach Caves

Majorca: the pleasure of a concert in a cave


Classical music in the Drach Caves

In Mallorca, you can go to a classical music concert on one of the world’s largest underground lakes. The setting: the Drach Caves. A very special place with imposing rock formations created over thousands of years. As well as the Drach caves, there are several more caves you can visit on the island. Because as well as sun and sand, Mallorca has a subterranean world full of surprises.

You’ll find the Drach Caves in the village of Porto Cristo, on the east coast of Majorca, around 65 kilometres from Palma. You won’t be the first to explore these grottos by any means - they appear to have been known since at least the Middle Ages, but it was not until 1896 that the French speleologist Martel discovered the cave with the lake that now bears his name.But we’re sure that you will feel as amazed as the first visitor when you venture into these caves full of stalagmites and stalactites which grow one centimetre per century, with curious names like the Venus del Nilo or Buddha. The guided tour passes beautiful lakes like the Bath of Diana (its turquoise blue seems otherworldly), and the lighting was designed by the engineer Carles Buigas, known as “the wizard of light”.Now comes the moment that makes this experience unique: when you first see Lake Martel, one of the world’s largest underground lakes. As you sit facing it, illuminated boats appear out of the darkness carrying musicians who will play a short concert of classical music for you, while the lights gradually come up over the underground lake. After the sound of the cello and violins dies away, you can take a boat ride on the lake - a truly delightful experience.

Boat ride inside the Drach Caves

Other caves on Majorca

If you liked the experience of exploring a cave, there are others you can visit on Majorca, and each has its own appeal. The Artà Caves (in Canyamel, to the east of the island) are notable for their striking natural entranceway, and their location inside a cliff, with spectacular views over the bay.The Hams Caves Caves (very close to the Drach Caves) are a cave complex with several spaces: a large botanical garden, an auditorium showing a time lapse film from the Big Bang to the present, and an underground lake with music. You can also check out theCampanet Caves (to the north of Majorca) and the Génova Caves (very near Palma).

Hams Caves
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