Artisan baskets

Lanzarote artisan crafts


Artisanal items from the island make ideal souvenirs

Baskets, ceramics and embroidery are just a few of the most characteristic handmade products of Lanzarote. You can buy them in local shops or in the weekly markets held in different towns on the island.

What can you take home?

Ceramics and pottery, made of terracotta in the traditional way, in a simple primitive style. Some of the most traditional objects are “Novios del Mojón”: a pair of male and female figures that used to be exchanged by engaged couples.Also basketwork and items made with palm leaves and other plant fibres. Palm leaves are a traditional material on Lanzarote, used to make mats, bags, moulds for cheese, and straw hats.In textiles there is embroidery, lace and drawn work. Another souvenir option are the famous timples, a traditional musical instrument of the Canaries, which is like a tiny guitar.

Palm leaf hats, Lanzarote

Craft markets

These traditional products can usually be found in the main shopping areas of large towns. There are also many weekend street markets on the island with plenty of stalls selling artisanal goods.One of the best-known is Teguise market, held on Sunday mornings. Many of the stallholders in Teguise on Saturday will also be at Arrecife market on Saturday morning, and on Friday afternoon at the Costa Teguise market.On Saturday morning there is also Haría market, specialising in traditional craftwork and organic food, and on Sunday mornings, the farmer’s and craft market in Tinajo.

Artisanal dolls, Lanzarote

Educational workshops

Lanzarote’s Art, Culture and Tourism Centres also sell the island’s craftwork. And one of these centres, the Farm Workers’ Museum House, organises educational workshops with artisans from the island.

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