Tourist at the Alhambra, Granada

Holidays in Granada


If we had to define Granada, we would say it’s an Andalusian city that glows with its own inner light, one of those magical places you fall in love with straight away. It’s just as good for a family trip as it is for travelling with your partner, with friends, or even alone. It has so many different possibilities that it will always be one of our strongest recommendations for an unforgettable holiday at any time of year. Below, we list some of the essential places to see and activities you should try if you get a chance to visit:


The blue sea, beaches and coves of Granada’s Costa Tropical make a brilliant contrast against its green valleys.  The area is full of towns and villages, and all of them are worth visiting. Some of them are:  - Motril, a seaside town with a mix of Muslim and Christian influences. Perfect for relaxing on La Joya beach, and visiting the church of La Encarnación or the shrine of Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza, among other sights. - Almuñecar, for history lovers. It’s always a pleasure to wander its streets and discover all the iconic sights, like the gate of Paseo Blas Infante or the Roman aqueduct of Sexi. It also has several beaches with crystal-clear water, such as Playa de Cantarriján and Playa de la Herradura. Finally, you must try moraga (sardines in tomato), atún encebollado (tuna with onion) and papas con cazón (a fish and potato stew).

 La Rijana beach, Castell de Ferro, Granada

- In Salobreña, you can visit the castle at the highest point of the village. We also recommend exploring the historic town centre and La Caleta, the fishermen’s neighbourhood. If you like natural coves for swimming, Cala del Caletón and Cala del Pargo are two of the best. If you prefer long beaches, you’ll love Playa de la Guardia and Playa de la Charca. In fact, the coast of Granada is ideal if your dream is to relax on a beautiful beach. But there are also plenty of fun things to do: golf, hiking, paragliding, diving, and all sorts of water sports.

Salobreña, Granada

Mountains and excursions

Excursions and hiking are also available in Granada, with various very tempting routes for anyone who likes to set off with a backpack and walking boots. These include:- Cerrada del Río Castril, a straightforward and fairly short route (just 2.2 km), ideal for families. The first part is a wooden walkway over the river, the second is a hanging bridge, and the last part is a tunnel leading to a natural balcony with views of spectacular scenery. - The Mammoth Route runs around Lake Padul and is especially suitable for children, as it is practically flat and not much more than 8 km long. Its name refers to the woolly mammoth fossils that have been found here. Today there are life-size mammoth figures which most kids find thrilling. - The Gollizno Route is a walk through the history of Moclín, a small town just over 30 km from Granada. This is a little more demanding than the others, but just as delightful. It is less than 10 km long and includes caves with cave paintings, and wonderful views of the River Velillos and its castle, among other things.


Granada is full of essential sights, especially these three: - The Alhambra is one of the symbols of the city and of all of Spain. It mainly comprises the Generalife gardens, the Nasrid palaces, and the Alcazaba or Arab fortress. Anything we can say about its extraordinary beauty is inadequate; you have to see it for yourself, ideally on a guided tour to make sure you don’t miss any of its exquisite architectural details. - Granada Cathedral, considered Spain’s earliest Renaissance church, is notable for its imposing façade, a Baroque masterpiece. You’ll also be impressed by the towering height of its five naves and the ambulatory. - Sacromonte, the barrio gitano (gypsy neighbourhood) of cave homes and whitewashed houses, offers some of the best views of the city. By night it is home to the zambra, which is both a type of flamenco dance and the lively gatherings where you can enjoy it. We hope we’ve been able to convey some of the essence of Granada. If you decide to visit, you’ll soon understand why we say it’s a very special city.

Views of the Alhambra, Granada