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Flying over the Balearic Islands: the best kitesurfing spots

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are full of ideal kitesurfing spots. Most of them are on the beaches of Mallorca, where, at certain times of the year, you’ll see colourful kites flying above the sand. Fancy flying over the Balearic Islands?


Mallorca is the most popular of the Balearic Islands for kitesurfing, as it offers a number of areas that are very well-suited to practising water sports. Discover them here!Bahía de PollensaJust imagine surfing the waves of this bay while taking in the steep, rocky landscape of the Serra de Tramontana! The natural surroundings of Pollensa are ideal for lovers of kitesurfing, as the wind tends to be steady and conditions usually improve later in the afternoon. What’s more, you can surf there all year round. And if you’ve never been kitesurfing, you’ll find schools on the bay itself to help you get started!

Kitesurfing on Pollensa bay in Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Bahía de la AlcudiaIn the north of the island, where the wind blows steadily (generally from the north or east) without raising particularly tall waves, you’ll find the perfect atmosphere to jump into the water and enjoy yourself. Remember that, during the summer months, you won’t be able to kitesurf due to the huge numbers of bathers visiting the bay.Bahía de PalmaThis bay is one of the most highly appreciated by lovers of kitesurfing. Here, you can enjoy the sport any time except summer, when it becomes a little too complicated as the shoreline fills up with bathers and boats.

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If you want to go kitesurfing in Ibiza, we recommend heading out in spring, because although the winds are also favourable in summertime, the sport is only permitted from November to May.Cala MartinaWhen the southwest wind arrives, this cove becomes one of the best kitesurfing spots in Ibiza. The area is well suited to both beginners and experts, and its practically flat waters are an invitation to have a go at some freestyling.


Although Formentera is less popular with kitesurfers than its neighbouring islands, hidden away on this island you’ll find a paradise beach with turquoise waters where you can enjoy the sport: Ses Illetes. Ses Illetes This beach is in the middle of Ses Salines d’Eivissa i Formentera Natural Park, which prohibits kitesurfing from May to October. One of its major attractions for fans of this sport is that the beach is divided into two distinct areas via a group of rocks. This means that you can choose to kitesurf calmly on flat water or, alternatively, enjoy some choppier waves. And if you can’t decide, you can always use your kite to take you from one side to the other!

Kitesurfing on Ses Illetes beach in Formentera, Balearic Islands


Some of the places in Menorca most visited by kitesurfers include:Cala TirantThis place is Menorca’s star attraction, especially when the tramuntana (north wind) blows. It’s a cove of golden sands divided in two by a small hill. If you visit the section on the right you’ll feel more sheltered than on the left-hand side. The beach on the left is larger, with stronger waves.Platja de Son BouIn the south of Menorca, you’ll find one of the island’s best beaches for kitesurfing. This is a spot with good waves, where you’ll enjoy the best surfing during the winter and when the wind comes from the west. However, when summer comes, the beach’s white sand and crystal waters make it very attractive for tourists.

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