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View of Cordoba

The Al-Andalus experience, total harmony


Spanish and Arabic fusion in Cordoba

Spending some of your holiday time on self-care is always the right decision. The fusion of Spanish and Arabic cultures in cities like Cordoba (Andalusia) inspires a complete cultural experience of well-being, fine dining and art. The “andalusí” experiences we describe here go beyond a conventional holiday.The scent of jasmine and orange blossom, and the sound of water in a fountain in the background while you enjoy a massage in a Hammam… It’s hard to resist the temptation of such a soothing experience. So why not return to the customs that were enjoyed in medieval Al-Andalus?

The pleasures of Al-Andalus

Cordoba is an open door to Spain’s past and the world of Al-Andalus. In other words, the rich legacy of the Islamic society of 10th century Spain. As well as its wonderful architectural heritage, the lifestyle of Al-Andalus with its appreciation of sensory pleasures is still intensely felt in many cities in Andalusia, such as Cordoba, Seville and Granada.Look up to see the impressive decorative mosaics on many of the historic buildings. Breathe in the floral fragrances of every corner of the city. Enjoy the mix of Andalusian flavours with the spices, nuts, orange blossom water and dates typical of Arab cuisine. Relax in the clouds of a steam bath. Purify mind and body with a mint tea after a massage. All of this is possible in Cordoba.

Details of Cordoba

La Casa Andalusí

If there is a single space that sums up that search for harmony in the Al-Andalus lifestyle, it’s Casa Andalusí in Cordoba. This is a special place, more than a mere museum, where visitors can enjoy the experience of that cult of environmental and sensory beauty.The courtyards, the flowers, the water and the oriental perfumes of Casa Andalusí recreate the times of the Caliphate, but they also convey something shared across civilisations: the individual quest for our more spiritual self. Also, returning to more worldly concerns, a tour of this museum house includes a demonstration of the paper-making process used in Cordoba in the Al-Andalus period.

Detail of Casa Andalusí

From the Arab baths to the Mosque

Two routes which usually form part of the Al-Andalus experience, and raise the artistic level even further, go to Medina Azahara and the Great Mosque of Cordoba. Medina Azahara is an archaeological site revealing the remains of a city built on the Sierra Morena (8 kilometres from Cordoba) in the 10th century. The Great Mosque, a World Heritage site in Cordoba city centre, may be the house of worship which best represents Islamic art in Spain.And afterwards, a thousand-year-old remedy to rid the body of contemporary stress. Arab baths are a fundamental element of natural therapies and healthcare and have been highly valued through the ages. Immerse yourself in water circuits at different temperatures and detoxify through cold, heat and steam to achieve well-being. It’s so appealing that a visit to a Hammam is almost obligatory on these Al-Andalus tours of Andalusian cities.


If you add a massage with essential oils, it’s possible you may never want to leave Cordoba! These activities can be personalised to suit different people, so the final experience will really depend on your preferences.

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