Albufera de Valencia

La Albufera, the heart of Valencia


A unique marshland, where the Mediterranean transforms into something special. This lagoon, separated from the sea by a strip of land, becomes a fascinating wetland, impressing visitors with its flora and fauna, a mere 10 km from the city of Valencia.

Land of light and colour On the edges of the Mediterranean Sea, all the region's light transforms into a spectacle that we recommend witnessing at dawn or dusk. Reflected in the water, the sunsets at La Albufera create unforgettably beautiful colour effects. You will also see the thousands of birds who have made this unique habitat their nesting ground. The best time of year to visit is during spring and summer, to enjoy the region's pleasant temperatures and watch the return of the migratory birds.

Map of La Albufera

Paella and boat trips La Albufera also offers more active options. Hiking routes, with either a botanical or historical focus, offer you incomparable experiences. You can even take a boat trip around the lagoon. The albuferenc await you: excursions where you can navigate through the ecosystem that Valencian writer Blasco Ibañez depicted in Cañas y barro. However, no trip to Valencia would be complete without feasting on the local dish: paella. Make the most of your stay here to enjoy Spain's most internationally-celebrated food, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Paella with friends at La Albufera de Valencia