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Plaza Mayor square in Ayllón (Segovia, Castilla y Leon)



Located about an hour’s drive from the city of Segovia. Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest. Stately buildings and homes with traditional architecture: the best way to get to know the charms of Ayllón is to navigate through its narrow cobblestone streets.

Walking through the arch with shields from the 17th century, you can access the ancient area. Next is the Palace of the Contreras, with beautiful coffering on the inside and with an Isabellian facade that is also blazoned. If you continued down the street, you will arrive at the Main Square, which has an irregular stricture and has large stone colonnades. This is where City Hall is located, which dates back to the 16th century, and the Romanesque church of Saint Michael, which stands out because of its belfry and ball flowers. Beside it is the oldest building in the area, the Tower House. Exiting the Main Square you will see other stately houses like the Palace of Bishop Velosillo or the Eagle House. If you go to the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, you can see its majestic altar, which came from the Convent of Saint Francis, whose remains are located outside of the walled town. At weekends, dramatised visits to the town are organised. The Ayllón Medieval Festival normally takes place during the last weekend of July, when local people dress up in period costume and a medieval market is held. In the town’s outlying area stands the Peña Estebanvela archaeological site, which is the only Late Palaeolithic site to have been found in Segovia Province.

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