A little girl plays the central role in the Descent of the Angel, lowered to remove the black mourning veil from the image of the Virgin

The Volatin and the Angel

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Tudela in Navarre marks the final days of Easter Week with its celebrations of the Volatin and the Angel, a custom dating back to the Middle Ages.

10 am on Easter Saturday marks the start of the public burning and buffeting of the Volatin, a wood and cloth dummy with a cigar-shaped firecracker in its mouth. When set alight, the doll is tossed around until it falls to pieces. This simple ceremony recalls the suicide of Judas, the Apostle who delivered Jesus to the Romans.At 9 am on Easter Sunday, the Descent of the Angel takes place, with thousands of people gathering in Plaza de los Fueros square. On this occasion, a child dressed as an angel is lowered to the image of the Virgin whose head is covered with a black veil in mourning for Christ. The angel removes the veil to mark the joy of Christ’s resurrection.


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The Volatin and the Angel

Tudela, Navarre  (Autonomous Community of Navarre)

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