Running of the bulls in Ampuero

Festivity of National Tourist Interest



At the start of September, the town of Ampuero in Cantabria celebrates its famous running of the bulls, officially classed as a Festival of National Interest for Tourism. 

This running of the bulls, which has taken place every year without fail since 1941 and whose origins date back to the 16th century, is one of Ampuero’s distinguishing features and is part of the fiestas of La Virgen Niña. The bull running event starts with the chupinazo (inaugural rocket) in the town’s Plaza Mayor square. For years, only one running of the bulls took place (on 8 September), but nowadays there are three, with young men running ahead of the herd of bullocks and steers.The running of the bulls is part of several days of festivities during which the streets are filled with colour and music from the Peñas (local associations), street parties and fairgrounds set up around the town over these days, and Ampuero’s bars and clubs. The torchlight procession and the children’s running of bull figures on wheels are also highlights.

Running of the bulls in Ampuero

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