Feast day of Our Lady of Rosario de Agüimes

Festivity of National Tourist Interest
Gran Canaria

The joyful celebration of an ancient custom.

This festival, which takes place in the town of Agüimes in Gran Canaria, attracts a multitude of visitors each year, as it brings one of the oldest Canary Island traditions back to life. This is the “traída del agua y el gofio”, a lively, joyful event that re-enacts the old custom of taking corn, barley, or wheat to the mill to be ground into gofio, a kind of flour that’s used in many different ways and is still an essential part of Canary Island cuisine today. On this day, people head for the mills, and along the way gofio is distributed and there’s music and dancing. Afterwards it’s back to the town, and water is sprinkled down on everyone from the balconies of the houses.

Feast day of Our Lady of Rosario de Agüimes

C/ Triana 93

35002  Agüimes, Gran Canaria  (Canary Islands)

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