Motín de Aranjuez Festivities

Motín festival

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Representation of the uprising against Godoy.

The festival features scenes of mutiny represented in each of the neighbourhoods of Aranjuez, organised by a hundred local residents, with texts based on the National Episodes of Pérez Galdós, assault and burning of the House of Godoy, dramatisation of Goya paintings related to witchcraft, covens, etc., Goyesque Bullfight, cultural and sports events and big street parties.

Although the Mutiny festivals are celebrated during the month of September, they dramatise the events that took place in the Royal Residence between 17 and 19 March 1808.


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Motín festival

Plaza de la Constitución s/n 1ª Planta

Aranjuez, Madrid  (Madrid Region)

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