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Aranjuez Mutiny Fiestas

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

Performance of the mutiny against Godoy.

In each district in Aranjuez scenes of the mutiny are depicted, by about a hundred residents in the town, with texts based on 'Episodios Nacionales' by Pérez Galdos; attack and burning of Godoy's House; staging in the street of Goya's paintings concerning witchcraft, covens, etc.; Goyesque Bullfight; cultural and sports events, and big out door celebrations round off the fiesta.

The Mutiny fiestas held in September, are the setting of the events that occurred at the Royal Site between 17 and 19 March 1808.

Aranjuez Mutiny Fiestas

Plaza de la Constitución s/n 1ª Planta

Aranjuez, Madrid  (Madrid Region)

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