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Easter in Segovia

Easter in Segovia

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

The Christian Easter Week festivals in Segovia have been declared of National Tourist Interest as a way of promoting the city’s religious customs and the area’s history.

These festivals are the annual Christian commemoration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. They are celebrated during a week of significant religious and cultural interest where worshippers actively participate in liturgical acts. Easter Week in Segovia is no longer only recognised at regional level as it has now been declared of National Tourist Interest, and is made up of ten confraternities and brotherhoods. This Christian week begins on Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus Christ's arrival in Jerusalem, and finishes on Easter Sunday, the day when Jesus rose from the dead. Easter in Segovia stands out thanks to cultural interest in the religious customs and history of our country.

Easter in Segovia

Segovia  (Castilla y Leon)