Concert by the American Chamber Orchestra at the Casa de la Moneda during a past edition of the Segovia Music Festival

MUSEG. Segovia Music Festival.

Festival - Music

The MUSEG. Segovia Music Festival aims to show that the city of Segovia is synonymous with culture.

Performing arts take to the streets in the city of Segovia (Region of Castile-León), declared a World Heritage site, for the MUSEG. Segovia Music Festival. The events include the Open Festival and the Youth Festival, and particularly the Chamber Music Week, which features some the genre's leading soloists and ensembles. Concerts take place in eight historical sites in the city, such as the bailey in the Alcázar, Plaza de San Martín square, and Los Zuloaga Garden. A world of cultures experienced through music for everyone to enjoy in Segovia.

MUSEG. Segovia Music Festival.

Segovia  (Castilla y Leon)