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San Sebastián Airport


San Sebastián Airport

Calle Gabarrari, 22

20280  Hondarribia, Gipuzkoa  (Basque Country)

Practical information

How to get to the airport


Hondarribia taxis: +34 943 64 12 56 / +34 682 92 36 85
Mercedes Hondarribia Taxi: +34 619311045


Access from Irún and Hondarribia is via the N-638 road, which links with the N-I – and subsequently, airport-San Sebastián and the south of France – and with the AP-8 motorway (Bilbao-Behobia).



The price depends on the number of regions (jumps) traversed on the route. There are no jumps to Hondarribia and Irún, but there is one to Rentería, Pasai and San Sebastián.

Airport - Cities Lines
E20. Hondarribia - Rentería - Pasaia - San Sebastián (plaza Gipuzkoa).
E21. Hondarribia - Airport - San Sebastián (plaza Gipuzkoa).
E23 and E28. Hondarribia - Irún - San Sebastián (Ibaeta, centre and Amara).
E25. Hondarribia - Irún / Coast / Airport.
E27 and E77. Hondarribia - Irún - Rentería - San Sebastián (Plaza Gipuzkoa). Line E27 runs at weekends. Line E77 runs on Friday and Saturday night.
E78. Hondarribia - Irún. Night bus, Saturdays all year round and Fridays in July, August and September.

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