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Peaches in wine

La Rioja

La Rioja
  • Ингредиенты

    Ingredients for 4 people: 2 lemons 4 peaches 125g of sugar 1 cinnamon stick 2dl of water some mint leaves

  • Приготовление

    Wash the skin of the lemons very well and cut them into fine slices. Cook them in boiling water with the cinnamon stick for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and put through a sieve to extract the juice. Mix it with the red wine and the sugar. Cook for 10 minutes on a gentle heat. Add the peeled and sliced peaches and continue cooking for 10 more minutes. Remove from the heat, allow to cool and leave to marinate for 24 hours.

  • Презентация

    Serve the peaches cold, decorated with the mint leaves or with sliced almonds.

Категория: Dessert

Время приготовления: More than 2 hours

Цена: Low

Сезон: Spring-Summer

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