Beach: El Faro (Cullera)


A small inviting cove of fine sand that links with the Bravía Coast. This is the only place in the province of Valencia where the sands are right next to a steep rocky cliff that drops straight down into the sea. Located between the cliffs of the rugged part of the Cullera coastline, the beach is bordered by a little pedestrian walkway.Despite its small size, the Faro de Cullera beach is a favourite with many bathers as it’s easy to access, and there are lots of services nearby. The seclusion, the pristine sands and local tradition are no doubt other factors that make it an attractive option. It’s also an ideal beach for scuba diving.

Beach: El Faro (Cullera)

構成成分: sand

砂の種類: golden

海水浴のコンディション: moderate waves

長さ: 140 m

幅: 18 m

混雑具合: high

都市化の度合い: urban

ヨットハーバー: club náutico cullera

ビーチへの距離: 5 km.

アクセス手段: On foot easy,Car

付近の道路: cv-502

Toilets, footwash

最高気温: 19º 風: 25 km/h, O