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Ibiza and Formentera for 4 people in sailboat

Live the experience of spending one nights and two days sailing on the blou waters of the Formentera, sailing between beach and enjoying a relaxing navigation. The skipper will offer different drinks and snacks during the trip and will prepare a paella, while enjoying a swim with snorkel mask and lailos or a relaxing moment lying in the bow of the boat taking the sun and sea breeze with chill -out music.Experience the feeling of freedom it gives feel the wind on your face, the smell of sea, relax and forget the stress of daily activity, letting the hours pass and losing track of time.Stay 1 nights and 2 days at sea. Included drinks , snacks and meals breakfast and dinner in the sailboat. Minimum 4 people .

料金 325.0€ 1人当たり(税込み)
アクティビティは次の言語で利用可能です Spanish, English
場所 Formentera (Formentera)
日数 2 日程
アクティビティのカテゴリー 海のアクティビティ, 航海
対象者 Young people, Families, Adults without children, Senior, LGBT