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Couple relaxing during a spa treatment

The Costa Cálida, relaxation and wellness in the Region of Murcia

Region of Murcia

If you fancy a few days of relaxation and some TLC for both body and mind, why not plan a holiday on the Costa Cálida, in the Murcia Region, a land with two seas (the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor), over 300 days of sunshine a year, and an average annual temperature of 19 degrees. It’s the ideal destination for getting away from it all in Spain, thanks to the curative properties of Mar Menor mud, the thermal waters, and the wide range of spa treatments available. Here are some ideas for some serious pampering:

  • View of the spa and thermal baths at the Balneario de Archena

    Thermal waters

    The spas in the Murcia Region have indoor and outdoor pools fed by hot springs, with sports facilities, exclusive medical services, and if you’re travelling as a family there are play areas for the kids too.Several of these spas are in beautiful natural settings. For example, the Balneario de Archena in the Ricote valley is right next to the river Segura, set against a backdrop of green mountains. It’s considered one of the finest in Spain for the quality of its facilities and treatments.Another fabulous choice is the Balneario de Leana, in Fortuna, famous for the power of its waters for restoring well-being, its elegant style, as well as for its origins - it dates back to the Roman Empire. 

  • Couples applying mud at San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia


    One of Murcia’s main attractions is the therapeutic mud of the Mar Menor lagoon, which is said to have healing properties and is rich in minerals. In fact Las Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar is home to the largest open-air area for therapeutic mud treatments in Europe.To ensure that the mud is applied in the correct way, it’s best to seek professional help at one of the area's thalassotherapy centres. What exactly does this involve? Marine resources (such as seaweed, mud, and salt water) are used as therapeutic agents, with treatments based on seawater (hydrotherapy), sea air (aerotherapy), and sunshine (heliotherapy). The Centro de Talasoterapia y Spa Lodomar is the only thalassotherapy centre with an indoor pool heated to 35º and water taken directly from Las Salinas del Mar Menor. If you like the experience, you can buy mud at the thalassotherapy centres and pamper yourself at home. 

  • Tourists enjoying an outdoor massage at a hotel in Águilas, Murcia


    The spas in Murcia are very possibly your best option for switching off and forgetting the outside world exists, and enjoying absolute relaxation for both body and mind. Murcia has many centres specialising in spa services, in towns like Águilas and La Manga. The area even has its own “spa route”. All of them offer new and exciting health and beauty treatments.Many tourists opt for hydromassage, which is a fantastic way to wash away all the day-to-day worries of everyday life. Many hotels here have well-known spa facilities, so you can choose one that best suits your preferences and budget. There are plenty to choose from!

  • Woman relaxing in a flotation tank

    Flotation, aromatherapy, and other exclusive treatments

    If you’d like to try something different while you relax, you have several options. In Caravaca you can stay in country guest houses with outdoor hot tubs, with water at 35º to 37º that are perfect for stargazing at night; or try a flotation tank, a small pool with water at body temperature and Epsom salts to increase buoyancy, for a sensation of weightlessness and meditative calm. Another popular option is aromatherapy, using the essential oils of plants such as lavender or rosemary. You can also find body treatments based on gold, pearls, chocolate, or even caviar. And one of the most interesting is vinotherapy, for enjoying wine and all its properties. There are centres in San Pedro del Pinatar and La Manga offering these services.

  • A taste of the country

    Mazarrón is one of the best places to enjoy thermal waters in a rural setting, far from high-rise hotels. More specifically, in El Saladillo, there’s a large pool where the hot water emerges at 50º, probably heated by subterranean lava flows. In Murcia you’ll also find Los Baños de Mula, the most rustic of all these options, and ideal if you’re looking for peace and quiet, a more casual atmosphere, and natural surroundings. People come to these hot water springs to treat various illnesses and to seek total well-being in a setting surrounded by fascinating desert scenery. On this website you’ll find information on all the centres to help you choose. All are great options for a well-deserved rest.

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