Family hiking in the Canary Islands

Family fun in nature


Travelling as a family is one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable experiences you can have. A way to bond as a family, discover new landscapes, switch off and get away from the routine. To get the best out of it however, you must make sure your holiday destination has everything you need - in this case, adventure, leisure activities, and fun.So if you’re thinking of travelling with the family and you all love nature, here are 6 destinations to spark your imagination.

  • Girl at the Lakes of Covadonga


    A compelling reason to visit Asturias and the Picos de Europa. The awe-inspiring Basilica of Covadonga was built here for a reason: the setting is unique. If you like walking and enjoying everything with all five senses, there are hiking routes for all ages. For example, the circular path taking you to the mines at La Buferrera and the three lakes of Covadonga (Ercina, Bricial, and Enol).

  • River Beceite, Matarraña


    Also known as Spain’s Tuscany, the district of Matarraña in Teruel, (Aragón) is a tranquil place bathed in sunlight. But this calm setting is also perfect for hiking, rock climbing and family adventures. The river which lends its name to the district also fills it with life and things to do with your family. The hiking routes of El Parrissal and La Peixera are ideal for enjoying the landscape and cooling off with a swim in the river.

  • Family at Las Médulas, León

    Las Médulas

    In the heart of the Bierzo area lies one of the most spectacular landscapes of Castile and Leon. The largest gold mine of the Roman Empire is today a wonderful holiday destination, ideal for enjoying nature as a family. The geological formations, plants and wildlife, and contrasting colours of this UNESCO World Heritage site create a perfect setting for adventure. There are hiking routes even smaller children can enjoy all year round.

  • Barrosa trail in the Sierra de Cazorla

    Sierra de Cazorla

    People call Jaén an inland paradise, and you know why when you see landscapes like this one. Leaving aside the multi-adventure activities it offers for adults and children, the fauna and flora alone make the Sierra de Cazorla mountain range a unique setting - be sure to have a camera handy to capture the famous bearded vultures. The bird-watching routes and all the things to do on and around the river make this a favourite destination for family holidays.

  • Volcano in La Garrotxa, Catalonia

    La Garrotxa

    Most people thinking about a trip to northern Spain forget about all the nature waiting to be discovered in the province of Girona, especially in the district of La Garrotxa. In the foothills of the Pyrenees and crossed by large and small rivers, it’s a perfect destination for families. A land of legends and unique landscapes like the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, where children and adults alike will have a great time.

  • Couple riding bikes on the beaches of Formentera


    When you see a family enjoying this island, it’s often because the parents fell in love with it first, and they came back to share the joy with their children. It’s ideal for a quick excursion (there are ferries from Ibiza or Denia) or for spending an unforgettable holiday. A place where you can forget all about the hustle and bustle, with peaceful beaches and coves you can reach by car or bicycle, or on foot. From Cap de Barbaria to El Pilar de la Mola. Despite its small size, every day there is a new corner of paradise to discover where you can enjoy nature as a family.