Tourist looking at Naranjo de Bulnes, Asturias

Breathtaking views at high altitudes: discover the Picos de Europa


The mountain range that makes up the Picos de Europa has 40 summits over 2,500 metres high, almost all of them in the central massif (Urrieles). But if you want to enjoy unparalleled views, you won't need to climb these peaks; just know where to find the best viewpoints. Take note:

  • Cable viewpoint in Fuente Dé, Cantabria

    Cable viewpoint, the balcony of the Picos de Europa

    Next to the top station of the Fuente Dé cable car, in Cantabria, you will be able to see how an iron structure, like a balcony, protrudes from the mountain: the Cable viewpoint. If you have a fear of heights, this is not the option for you. Otherwise, it will be worth it, just for its views. Located at 1,843 metres above sea level, it offers an immense panoramic view of the majestic peaks closest to the central massif of the Picos de Europa and the deep Lebaniego valleys.It is accessed in just four minutes by cable car and is the starting point for interesting routes.

  • View of the Naranjo de Bulnes from the Pozo de la Oración viewpoint in Poo de Cabrales, Asturias

    Viewpoint of the Pozo de la Oración, the best views of the Naranjo de Bulnes

    Just before reaching the town of Poo de Cabrales, in Asturias, you will find a car park signposted as "Mirador del Pozo de la Oración". Stop there, and get ready to enjoy one of the most representative views of the Picos de Europa: the majesty of the famous Naranjo de Bulnes.From this easily accessible viewpoint you will discover how the peaks of the Urrieles massif, such as Peña Castil and Los Campanarios, frame the dazzling Naranjo de Bulnes or Pico Urriellu (2,519 m). A view rich in colours: from the green of the meadows and forests, to the silver of the granite of the most illustrious peak.

  • View of lake Enol from the Princesa viewpoint, Asturias

    Princesa viewpoint, with the lakes at your feet

    The Princesa viewpoint, in Asturias, is located in the vicinity of the Enol lake (lakes of Covadonga). It’s easy to access: you just have to go in the direction of Covadonga from Cangas de Onís and take the road to Los Lagos.The viewpoint, which is semicircular in shape and has an area of 20 square metres, is located at an altitude of 1,100 metres. From up there you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the peaks of the Urrieles massif and the Cornión massif; but it stands out for its views of lake Enol.

  • View of the Tombo de Posada de Valdeón viewpoint in Leon, Castile and Leon

    Tombo, the viewpoint of the chamois

    On the Leonese slope of the Picos de Europa, you can find one of the most emblematic viewpoints of the Valdeón Valley: Tombo. To get there you have to take the road that connects Posada de Valdeón with the small village of Caín.You will know that you have arrived because you will come across a wrought iron cross and a stone column on which there is a sculpture of a chamois, the work of José Luis Coomonte in honour of this bovid present among the lime trees of the Corona Valley. As for the views, get ready to see the imposing peaks of the Urrieles massif and the Cornión massif, and try to identify a chamois trail. The Picos de Europa National Park offers another 23 more viewpoints where you can enjoy different views of these massifs, an ideal plan to choose your next summit.