Verdú Castle



This architectural site was originally a castle and then later a palace-residence. Its present-day appearance is the result of several restoration projects.

It was founded in the late 12th century as a frontier castle. The primitive town grew up around it, and in 1227 both the castle and the town became the property of the abbots of the nearby Cistercian monastery of Poblet. The abbots transformed a castle into a residence-palace and increased its area with various new constructions. Particularly worth noting are the lower rooms (the cellar), intermediate rooms (storehouse and stables) and the noble rooms: the room of Abbot Copons (14th century). All these buildings completely surrounded the keep, which is the original Romanesque tower (12th century) and has a circular floor plan and battlements.

Verdú Castle

Plaça Major, nº 1

25340  Verdú, Lleida  (Catalonia) Tel.:+34 973347216