Exterior view of the Tavira Tower, Cadiz

Tavira Tower


The official watchtower of the port of Cádiz in the 18th century, the Tavira Tower is the highest point in the city. Its main attractions are the camera obscura, and the stunning views from its viewpoint.

Located in Casa Palacio de los Marqueses de Recaño in the old quarter, the Tavira Tower is one of the most important tower viewpoints in Cadiz. As well as the magnificent panoramic view that it offers, there are two exhibition rooms, and a camera obscura that projects a real-time moving image of what’s happening outside. A device consisting of a white screen, a mirror, and magnifying lenses is what makes it possible to enjoy this unusual optical effect. Opened in 1994, this was the first camera obscura in Spain, and is today one of the city’s main tourist attractions.

Tavira Tower

C/ Marqués del Real Tesoro, 10

11001  Cádiz, Cadiz  (Andalusia)

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