Sobroso Castle in Pontevedra, Galicia

Sobroso Castle



Located in Vilasobroso (Mondariz, Pontevedra), this castle stands on a headland 334 metres above sea level, and is the focus of interesting myths and legends. The guided tour to this perfectly preserved monument offers a multisensory experience that combines images, lighting and sound with the castle's architecture for a fun retelling of its history.

Sobroso Castle, and other fortresses, was part of the local defensive system. Although its date of origin is not known for certain, there is evidence of its existence in the 12th century. After losing its defensive role, it became a residence for aristocrats, until it began to be forgotten in the 17th century. Its last owner bought it in 1923 and invested in its reconstruction.The castle's remodelling allows visitors to explore it as if it were a museum through a 50-minute tour of seven rooms. You will find several experiential spaces dedicated to the surrounding landscape, to the history of the castle and its inhabitants, to the Middle Ages, to the magical beings connected to it and to castles as stages for troubadours.And from the castle keep, you can watch over an area of more than 30 km beyond the Miño river and into Portugal.Take this chance to walk the nearby botanical path and find recovered native species. It is an ideal space to walk and enjoy the historical landscape; and it features a picnic area.

Sobroso Castle

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