View of the Torreciudad Shrine in Huesca

Torreciudad Shrine



Located near the city of Barbastro (Huesca, Aragón) against a beautiful natural landscape, with a view to Grado and the snow-capped peaks on the horizon. It is a popular destination in the Aragonese Pyrenees and has become a meeting place for thousands of pilgrims.

Construction work on this modern monastery began in 1970, a few metres from an old hermitage where the Virgin of Torreciudad was first worshiped. Inside, all the lines of the single nave lead to an altarpiece, the work of Juan Mayné, whose centre is formed by the sanctuary and the old image of Nuestra Señora de Torreciudad. In addition to the shrine itself, visitors will find different museum and exhibition spaces. You can, for example, experience an immersive space dedicated to faith, observe a video-mapping in the form of an altarpiece, walk through a gallery dedicated to images of the Virgin from all over the world, or attend an interactive exhibition on the history of Torreciudad. From here you can make multiple excursions to different tourist areas of the Aragonese Pyrenees: Guara Mountains, Alquézar, Aínsa, Somontano...

Torreciudad Shrine

Santuario de Torreciudad

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