Catalonia Science and Technology Museum


The fundamental aim of this museum in Terrassa is to preserve the region's industrial heritage, and to remember the process of industrialisation in the 19th century, so important to the history of Catalonia.

A series of permanent exhibitions, dramatised visits and demonstrations help to illustrate the changes and advances brought about by the industrial revolution, such as the development of factories and transport systems, the textile industry and mining. The museum also looks at topics such as industrial architecture, science, technology and energy. The MNACTEC (Catalonia Science and Technology Museum) has 15 other associated museums, situated in various towns around Catalonia, all dedicated to the conservation of the region’s industrial heritage.

Catalonia Science and Technology Museum

Rambla D’Egara 270

08221  Terrassa, Barcelona  (Catalonia)

Tel.:+34 937 368 966 Website:
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