Alcántara Bridge at night, Extremadura

Alcántara Bridge (Alcántara)


Over the river Tagus, the Tagus Aurifer as it was known to the Romans, it connected Roman Cáceres with the lands of the Beira Alta region, in Portugal. It dates from the second century AD. C. It is about 194 metres long and about 71 metres tall. It is made up of six semicircular arches. At the centre of the bridge there is an arch made in honour of Emperor Trajan. At the main entrance there is a small temple, made of stone and on which you can read the name of the builder, Gaius Iulius Lacer.

Alcántara Bridge (Alcántara)

Sobre el río Tajo

10980  Alcántara, Cáceres  (Extremadura)

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